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ForeWord Magazine's Book of the Year Award - WINNER, Juvenile Non-Fiction
Independent Publisher Book Award - WINNER, Multicultural Non-Fiction - Juv/Young Adult
Minnesota Book Award - New Voice Commendation
PeaceCorpsWriters.org - WINNER, Children's Book of the Year
Benjamin Franklin Award - FINALIST, Juvenile - Young Adult Nonfiction
Minnesota Book Award - FINALIST, Children's Nonfiction

Reviews about Imagine a House...
Imagine a House is a great way to encourage readers to look beyond their immediate world and continue their journey of discovery. The 12 different domiciles were chosen for the stories they tell, [and] the layout has definite child appeal.
     -SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL, February 2004

Filled with maps, illustrations, photographs and rich text comparing houses from around the world, [Imagine a House] would serve as a wonderful multicultural resource.

Imagine a House is a wonderful book that reminds me of what draws all people together. We may carry our houses on our backs or we may build more permanent structures. In any case, in any language, a house is also a home. This book honors the concept of home for all people. Thank you!
     -ANN BANCROFT, renowned polar explorer, leader, educator and speaker

...Imagine a House: A Journey to Fascinating Houses Around the World is a splendid picture book showcase for young readers and showcases various twenty-two types of dwellings used by fifteen diverse cultures worldwide. Full-color, photographic illustrations complement the text and offer fascinating glimpses into different cultures.
     --MIDWEST BOOK REVIEW, Reviewer's Choice - Children's Bookwatch

[Imagine a House] blends architecture, people and geography in a way that helps kids learn without realizing what they're doing. This colorful book, clearly a labor of love for everybody who worked on it, belongs on every [school] shelf. Here's today's challenge: Buy a copy and donate it to your local school, where the cash-strapped librarian will bless you forever.
      --ST. PAUL PIONEER PRESS, Sunday, September 14, 2003

Angela's first book in the What a World We Live In series is "Imagine a House" and it throws open the door on a topic of universal interest. Colorful maps, artwork and photos make for information that will be easily enjoyed and remembered.
     --MINNEAPOLIS STAR TRIBUNE, Books Midweek, August 13, 2003

In matters of diversity and culture, children learn best from other children. In Imagine a House, Ms. Gustafson draws from her own diverse background to create a colorful and readily accessible portal for young readers to explore the world - through the eyes of other children. Richly photographed, artfully designed and consummately readable, Imagine a House belongs on every school and home library shelf.
      -DAN BUETTNER, famed cyclist, explorer, educator and speaker

Angela Gustafson's Imagine a House packs much information into an interesting and well-designed picture book. Learning about houses around the world provides an opportunity to learn more about other people. We need more books like this.
      -JOHN COY, children's author (Two Old Potatoes and Me, Vroomaloom Zoom)

Imagine a House is a unique, high-quality, kid-friendly glimpse into houses around the world. This is a wonderful book that highlights our world community - and our place in it. I highly recommend Imagine a House for school and public libraries, and for all those interested in the world around us!
     -SUSAN CARR BROWN, Youth Services Department, Minneapolis Public Library

I found this book so refreshing! The pictures are perfect and the text is both educational and creative. You can't keep a good thing to yourself, so I'm spreading the word!
     -CHRISTINA HERNER, 4th grade immersion teacher and RPCV

I love it! This is a great book. I'm serious when I say it's great!
     -ELLEN, age 7, Minnetonka, MN

You have already inspired one little girl. Abby sat down and is on her third book. She wrote one on houses, flowers and people. All because of your book!
     -ANNE, mom, Milwaukee, WI

Imagine a House takes children on a trip to 15 countries and 22 unusual houses, from round houses in Peru, to beehive houses in Syria, to houseboats in the Philippines. Stunning photographs, colorful maps, and creative explanations and information, make this a journey kids will want to take time and again.

Imagine a House is a book that even young children could pore over on their own, and that teachers will delight in using with a group. Discussion questions and activity ideas round out what I think is a quite perfect book.
     -MARYANN WEIDT, children's author (Oh, the Places He Went)

You did a super job on Imagine a House! I loved all the commentaries in down to earth jargon for kids. The activities are fabulous. You should have this book sent to every school in the country for their libraries. Keep up the fine work.
      -SISTER BABS BARRY, Inn of the Good Samaritan, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

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